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We offer a very limited amount of 7 day Columbia Blacktail deer hunts. Our hunts are only offered during the rut from mid to late November. During the rut the Blacktail deer are super aggressive and our hunt usually involves many exciting close encounters.  Our territory is home to some of the largest bodied and largest antlered Blacktail deer in their traditional range. Depending on circumstances at the time we may base this hunt out of a local cabin or from our wall tent camp. This hunt also offers endless scenic encounters. Hunters that show up for this hunt in top physical fitness will be able to follow the deer into the rugged mountain terrain that Blacktails inhabit.   With this being said, we are able to accommodate hunters of most fitness levels and still enjoy a successful hunt.

100% success on opportunity to date! 

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Trophy Black Tail Deer_Nov 22 - 29 2019_
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